How Impatient

How impatiently I want you! You, whose separation Is the bitter taste of Being buried alive! How impatiently I need you Like a restless one On the back of a restless horse And separation Is a useless experience I feel the smell of your shirt Here Now Mountains are cold […]


Using deliberately broken devices, this series shows the pedestrians on Valiasr Street from the viewpoint of the passengers in a car moving on this street. Seeing is the natural response of the eyes to the reflection of light, whereas humans look at things deliberately with a certain intention or purpose. […]


2018 October – Aria Gallery Tehran Iran Capturing the passengers in the front seats of a car moving on Valiasr Street from footbridges at a high shutter speed and a top-down angle. This project can be described by the word “scanning” (looking). It demonstrates a stagnant point in time with […]

Fine-art photography

Fine-art photography is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist as a photographer. Using photography as a medium to bring something to life that only lives in the artist’s mind. Simply capturing what you see in an artistic way is the art of photography and not creating […]

Seyed Mohammad Moravej

Ahmad Shamlou

Ahmad Shamlou (also known under his pen name A. Bamdad) was an Iranian poet, writer, and journalist. Shamlou was arguably the most influential poet of modern Iran. His initial poetry was influenced by and in the tradition of Nima Youshij. Shamlou’s poetry is complex, yet his imagery, which contributes significantly […]

Understanding a work of ART

Assuming that understanding a work of art is not the same as unveiling the artist’s intention, the audience perceives a work of art created by an artist through their cognitive system to create their perception of that artwork. The meaning conveyed through this understanding is as valid as the meaning […]

Seyed Mohammad Moravej

Surrashage in Art Fair Cesena

2018 October – Art Fair Cesena Italy Surcharge or Coin punch In the past, with the removal of a king and the coming of the new king, the writing on the coin should also be changed, and the name of the new king was written on new coins. For the […]


Sweet and Spicy Pepperoni Pizza, The story of these days.


Memorable photos of Valiasr project – Tehran 2018

Seyed Mohammad Moravej

I am Happy

A beautiful Persian song about happiness and power of imagination, called but I’m happy.

Kahkashan Eshgh

Persian song , called Kahkashan Eshgh.The mood of these days.Just great…


Nice Persian song today, called Herman.The first time I heard this song, I remember. Days were full of memories…


The day the human body is born, his soul dies. There are only few human beings with a crystal spirit blown to their soul as their mortal body is born. Innocent simple creatures born next to the human trait who remain the same till the last seconds of their life; […]

Birth of the Mother Nature 2013