Coin punch

In the past, with the removal of a king and the coming of the new king, the writing on the coin should also be changed, and the name of the new king was written on new coins. For the production of molds, it took a lot of time to collect the old coins, melt them and make the new coins. Therefore, the best possible way was a temporary coin punch. In this method, old coins are punched with a small mold that something is carved on it to make the old coins look like the pattern of the mold. By doing this, old coins are recognized for the new government and Coins without punch are not credible.

 After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and the dismissal of the Pahlavi regime, common banknotes became worthless. It was impossible to change banknotes in one day due to high cost, time-consuming process, redesign, which took more time. So, they made series of  Pahlavi banknotes useable by printing a pattern on the former leader's face. This continuous action is a defensive mechanism at a critical point of Iranian history.

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  • Title: The Last King
  • Implementation year: 2018
  • Technique: Photomontage
  • Number: ten frames
  • Chromaluxe White Matte: Printing Technique (9 frames)
  • Chromaluxe Clear Matte: Printing Technique (1 frame)
  • 20 x 20 cm: Dimensions of each frame
  • Limited Editions : 5 + 1A