Using deliberately broken devices, this series shows the pedestrians on Valiasr Street from the viewpoint of the passengers in a car moving on this street.

Seeing is the natural response of the eyes to the reflection of light, whereas humans look at things deliberately with a certain intention or purpose. Looking is more transcendental than seeing. Different interpretations also are born out of the analysis of visual data by the brain and the conversion of this data into meaning and feeling. The eye (a set of physiological tissues) is not the real seer because it is the mind or the “eye of the mind” that converts the image on the retina into meaning and feeling. As regards quality, the author sees the visual phenomena and turns them into aesthetical motifs as a creative reaction triggering aesthetic perception.

The present project can be described in two words: scanning (looking) and skipping (seeing). The first series mirrors a stagnant point in time with an aware subject to represent the moving objects through the eye of the mind, and it is a reaction similar to looking from all dimensions that fully captures everything. The second series shows a moving subject under the pressure imposed by an external factor to represent the relatively stationary objects through the eyes, and it is a reaction similar to seeing that captures everything without missing any detail. This defying representation is a warning about the object’s unawareness of the disruption of the waves received due to the evolutionary slow flow of the noises in the situation which continues until a breakdown happens.


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