The day the human body is born, his soul dies. There are only few human beings with a crystal spirit blown to their soul as their mortal body is born. Innocent simple creatures born next to the human trait who remain the same till the last seconds of their life; the species that we, so called humans, try not to notice; as we escape from our real reflection mirrored in their souls. We, human beings, are reborn several times during our life. At time, our soul, and at another our muddy body will be recreated. But those from whom human beings escape, only once and once experience the simultaneous birth of their body and soul; without any managed deformation that is imposed and injected to human beings by modern societies today. At times he doesn’t know where he is, is clueless what the world has brought to him. Delighted and joyful from what he owns, proceeds his way until he finds himself peeling, not actually he was already peeled. Looks like he is been reborn, begins moving again with his uncertain steps. Slowly, slowly the life is going on, life continues, everything seems empty around him …. all the past meanings have missed their sense …. As if to understand the world around, new definitions are required . When there is no one to listen to you, the only way is to be born again . You become your own creator; yes you tend to be your own midwife … You are seeking the light, the brightness …. you want to hold the light in your hands, you want to become the light, yourself … so that you won’t have to get reborn again …..