Capturing the passengers in the front seats of a car moving on Valiasr Street from footbridges at a high shutter speed and a top-down angle.

This project can be described by the word “scanning” (looking). It demonstrates a stagnant point in time with an aware subject to represent the moving objects through the eye of the mind, and it is a reaction similar to looking from all dimensions that fully captures everything. This defying representation is a warning about the object’s unawareness of the disruption of the waves received due to the evolutionary slow flow of the noises in the situation, which continues until a breakdown unfolds. A newly emerging contagious disease that is currently prevailing has been the consequence of this critical situation.


Review in Gallery

  • Title: Scan
  • Implementation year: 2018
  • Technique: Photography
  • Number: 30 frames
  • Chromaluxe White Gloss: Printing Technique
  • 30 x 17 cm: Dimensions of each frame
  • Limited Editions : 5 + 1A